How to join or renew your membership

SLSC members must register with Places Leisure to book to swim at Tooting Bed Lido.

Register with Places Leisure.

Remember to Update your SLSC Profile to say you have a Places Leisure account.

The team then to update your account manually so that you can book free swims.This is not an automated process. Please be patient.

You will need to login to renew your membership of South London Swimming Club.

login or create an account

The membership year is 1 April to 31 March. Your membership will always expire on the following 31 March, whatever time of year you join.

Our fees are made up of the Club membership subscription plus a Tooting Bec Lido pass fee to swim at the Lido as often as you like.

See membership fees

Children under 14 must be registered with an adult. You will need to upload a photo for each child. Please include children under 5 if you bring them to the Lido on a regular basis. To book swims you will need to Register each child with Places Leisure using a unique email address and update their profile in your account with the email address used.

Children 14 and over must have their own account.

Club only membership is available for those only wanting to participate in events and coached training.

For further information see FAQs or email: [email protected]

The SLSC is run entirely by volunteers, so please offer any help you can - from making cakes for the Sunday races to organising events. Your help will ensure a bright future for Tooting Bec Lido. Email: [email protected]

Only want to swim in Summer? Summer Lido passes are also available from Places Leisure