Lido Improvement Project

Aims and objectives

  • Improve long-term sustainability of Tooting Bec Lido while promoting its seaside charm.
  • Provide an indoor space for Lido users and enhance opportunities for events.
  • Provide much needed facilities for Lido staff.
  • Increase the potential for out-of-season and off-peak activity at the Lido.
  • Increase capacity to maximise revenue in summer.
  • Conservation of the historical records of Tooting Bec Lido and its users, with improved accessibility.
  • Repair and conservation of poolside buildings and their interpretation.

The Lido Pavilion

The new Lido Pavilion has now been built on the deep end of the site where the original entrance was sited.

The Lido Pavilion’s sports hall allows for better provision of a variety of sporting activities at the Lido for club members and the wider community. As well as being a venue for fitness and sports classes, it serves as a meeting hall for organisations based around Tooting Bec Common and as a headquarters for the South London Swimming Club, where it can hold events, meetings and activities. The building also includes much needed facilities for lifeguards and other site staff.

This will help ensure the future of Tooting Bec Lido, making it even more attractive, both for swimmers and the wider community, and will strengthen the South London Swimming Club’s position at the heart of Lido life.

For news on the progress of the project please visit news update page.

The Lido Heritage Project

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To complement the Lido Improvement Project, the Heritage Project will ensure that the Lido’s structures and landscaped areas are conserved to an equally high standard as the new Lido Pavilion, so that the history of the Lido’s development and the historical context within which the new facility will operate, are fully understood by Lido and Common users, and the wider local community.

The SLSC have developed the Lido heritage plan to guide the conservation and interpretation of the Lido’s heritage for the enjoyment of future generations.