103 Lengths SLSC Challenge

Firstly a big thank you to all the volunteers on the day:

Sue Rentoul - relay race registration, certificate woman and all-round volunteer Jenny Barker - organiser extraordinaire of the not one but two 103-person mixed ability relay - it was tough, but you handled it like a Swan! Charlotte Simon and Egg Sullivan - our DJ’s and MC’s for the event - you kept those tunes pumping Solo Lap Counters - Nicola Malin, Katie Goodall, Sarah Hawes, Clare McRobbie, Jurgen (Wendy’s husband)…have I missed anyone? Sorry if I have - we thank you all. Doreen - for speedy membership completion of those swimmers joining SLSC especially to do the 103 (are they mad?!) Lifeguards - thank you team. Other helpers - Ann Brimelow (all rounder) and Margy Sullivan (she just can’t help herself ;-0) Naomi Branston - el President for starting all swimmers and presentations And finally the swimmers - without you we wouldn’t have an event!

The day saw in total over 120 swimmers take part in the fun event to close out the summer season - we were very lucky with the weather! The sun shone down on us and it felt like one of the hottest days we’ve had all year…but hey, I wasn’t swimming so what would I know. The temperature of the Lido hovered around 16C.

We had 10 solo’s kick off the afternoon, 8 completed the 5.85 miles- fantastic result, this is our best outcome since we started 4 years ago. In 1st place was Ben Pennington 2hr 16mins - Ben is swimming the Channel next year and this swim was a great start to that challenge. 2nd in was came Giles Meyer, Giles is aiming to swim 1million metres in 2009 - he is now 9500m closer to that. In 3rd place was Matt Sanders who joined us from Parliament Hill Lido - we’ll see more of Matt. The first woman was Lucy Roper who joined SLSC at the last minute so she could make sure we kept up a good record for the Women swimming in the endurance events, well done Lucy, 2hr 47mins. Then in came Lucy Petrie some 3 minutes behind, Lucy was overjoyed and looked fresh as a daisy after her swim! Wendy Lampa who swam most of the way breaststroke after only learning front crawl in the last few weeks came in 3rd, 4hr 27mins - sterling effort Wendy, I hope you feel very proud of yourself. Andy Graham who last year managed 41 Lengths and on occasions this year looked like he might not make the 103, ticked the box to make it all the way having taken inspiration from girlfriend Monique to spur him on - Andy finishing 3hr 11mins, well done! Simon Hancock who had run a Marathon the previous week has discovered his legacy in life - marathon sport events - Simon swam all 103 in 4hr 20mins wearing Bermuda shorts - next year he’ll be sub-4hrs just by changing to Speedo’s. Incidentally, before Saturday the longest he had ever swam was 2 miles!! Peter and Thom will be back next year to close off unfinished business.

Solo results: Name Time Position Ben Pennington - 02:16:40 - 1st M Lucy Roper - 02:47:00 - 1st W Giles Meyer - 02:26:16 - 2nd M Lucy Petrie - 02:50:00 - 2nd W Matthew Sanders - 02:33:44 - 3rd M Wendy Lampa - 04:27:43 - 3rd W Andy Graham - 03:11:40 - 4th M Simon Hancock - 04:20:10 - 5th M Thom Van Every - 02:50:27 - 83L Peter King - 01:46:10 - 43L

We had nine relays take part in the 103 challenge, Margy Sullivan’s team Samn pipped everyone to the post in 3hr 4mins, then husband Egg Sullivan with his Egg-rogenous Zone team in 2nd 3hr 10mins and in 3rd place was Michael Hufton’s RAC Team A just 7/100th’s behind Egg. Special mention to John Barker’s Mid-Morning Milers who even with an ever-expanding team (anyone would have thought it was John, not wife Jenny, organising the 103-person mixed relay as he nearly had that many in his team!) came in 9th position 3hr 36mins.

Team Time Position Samn - 03:04:00 - 1st Egg’-rogenous Zone - 03:10:33 - 2nd RAC Team A - 03:10:40 - 3rd Brass Monkeys - 03:14:45 - 4th Lido Lifeguards - 03:17:26 - 5th RAC Team B - 03:20:00 - 6th Soggy Team - 03:22:51 - 7th lastminute.swim - 03:32:00 - 8th Mid-Morning Milers - 03:36:19 - 9th

In the 103 person mixed ability relay, Jenny Barker organised all the swimmers - a marathon effort Jenny, thank you very much. She handled all manner of swimmers, from 5 year olds swimming 25m to some swimmers jumping in randomly to swim the ‘odd’ length and then to top the event off Lifeguard Aaron swimming in his Birthday suit! Jenny did such a good job that she actually managed to pull together 2 x 103 person relays - this is a wonderful result, well done for fitting everyone in and thank you to all those swimmers who pledged and swam lengths.

So, finally well done all, thank you to everyone for coming, swimming and/or volunteering as I couldn’t have organised the event without all your help. Here’s to next year when it’s 104!!

Nancy Shaw SLSC Captain