Dear SLSC members and dear cold water swimmers,

For those of you, who don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Minni also known as “Bikini girl”. I’m from Germany and Kathrine (right on the picture) is NOT my mum….only my host mum. I lived and worked in London as an Au pair and joined the Sunday morning races throughout winter, at the Tooting Bec Lido. It was my first winter and it won’t be my last, but probably somewhere else, because I have to leave in a few days and the Lido with all the nice people doesn’t fit in my suitcase. When I first came here I never expected to end up as a cold water swimmer, but I had to tell Kathrine that I´m from the Baltic Sea and cold temperatures are NO PROBLEM…….bad idea!

She told me about the Lido and about the cold water swimming every winter. She had watched it quite often, but couldn’t do it on her own and because I boasted about the cold temperatures in Germany she had found the perfect victim!!

So we took it up and I must admit, it was quite hard to get up on a Sunday morning after clubbing on Saturday night, but I did it and the cold water brought me back to life….every single time I was in there. It was an amazing feeling afterwards, because we were just PROUD!! Even though every time we came home we were tired again,…. but we couldn’t give up and we knew that we would survive! We also met so many inspiring people and enjoyed the time at the Lido!

However I have to leave on Saturday after the River Thames Swim but I’ll come back!! At least for the UK championships 2011!

Finally, I just wanted to thank you all for this fantastic time, for the incredible winter, for the cake for breakfast (maybe a hangover breakfast^^) and for being so open minded to welcome us in the group of mad people!!

Lots of love,