I sprinted in the winter 2019 Uk CWSC

I sprinted in the winter
Oh what a thrill,
So nice to be back and enter
To get that amazing chill.

Most people think I’m batty,
To swim in the sea all year.
So to mix with souls as wacky,
Is such a pleasure for this old dear.

The Devon sea of 8 degrees,
For me it now seems quite warm.
The lido’s 3.5 will knock most knees,
Unless acclimatised at dawn !

Up with the larks for this hardy bunch,
Jumping in for CRISIS funds.
800 swimmers prepared for the icy crunch,
Volunteers working hard to get jobs done.

Draw prizes galore for us to adore,
In the hope of a watery holiday.
Food to delight and tastes to explore,
And amazing goodie bags given away.

Every championship the sun comes out,
To shine on us hardy swimmers.
As races start theres never a shout,
Just a frantic splash as the water shimmers.

The headdresses -a milliners joy,
Each championship the standards rise.
Even a whole lobster outfit not a toy,
Won a crustacean meal as their prize.

Fourteen countries represented here,
A real international mix, a swimming fest.
This lido world I love so dear,
Thank you SLSC for organising the very best.

By Sue Harrod