Ladies Wot Swim round Isle of Wight relay

Well we did it!!

I’ve been training for it and talking about it for a year and getting more and more nervous as the tidal window drew nearer. In the days before we lost our pilot (and his boat) from illness. The weather showed that we had to turn our plan upside down and leave on the evening tide on Saturday to avoid the bad conditions due on Monday morning. By 11.00 on Saturday we had a boat but no pilot but miraculously by lunchtime we had both.

We set off from St Helen’s Fort (or rather from a rusty pole nearby) at 19.13 on Saturday evening and finished at 19.20 on Sunday. We all swam for an hour 6 times each in strict rotation and to an exact timetable. We swam at night and during the day, at sunset and sunrise, with and against the tide, when we felt like swimming and when we hated the idea of getting back in the water.

It was the toughest thing I have ever done or ever hope to do again!.

If anyone feels like sponsoring me (for seriously and terminally ill children) use this Just Giving link or there are sponsorship forms in the cafe.

Many thanks for all the encouragement and support I got from SLSC members - especially the standing ovation from eight naked women in the showers this morning!!

by Ann Brimelow