Press and media enquiries

The quirkiness of cold water swimming, along with the creative hats and colourful photo opportunities ensure that the Championships attract both national and local press coverage as well national TV slots.

We will have a PR team on hand during the day to arrange interviews with key individuals (the event organiser, the SLSC president and swimmers) as well as ensure photographers and camera crew get prime positions to record the races.

If you are from the press and media please get in touch with our PR team on email [email protected] or you can reach us on 07711 578938.

Press opportunities:
• Pre event interviews with the South London Swimming Club organising team and/or President
• Filming, photography and coverage on the day
• An opportunity to try out the Jump In or a cold water swim – Dare you be one of the sprinters this Winter?!

Press release over 770 swimmers to attend the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships 2019.

Press in attendance at previous events include: BBC, ITV, Sky News, The Guardian, The Times, local newspapers and swimming magazines.