South London Open Water Swimming Club


Most swimming races, and some open water competitions, are held under Swim England law. This means you can only take part if you belong to a Swim England-affiliated club and have Category Two Membership.

The South London Swimming Club (SLSC) is not affiliated to Swim England. However, as an SLSC member, you have the option of joining our Swim England-affiliated sister club, the South London Open Water (SLOW) Swimming Club by taking out Swim England Category Two Membership – this costs £33.75 including Regional fees and lasts until 31 December each year.

Swim England Category Two Membership is for club members looking to compete in any discipline in open competitions. If you’re interested, tick the Category Two box on the membership application page and £33.75 will be added to your payment. If you are already a member please email [email protected]

SE logo Some competitions accept entries with Swim England Category Two Temporary Membership which costs £15.50 per event. When you enter a race under Swim England law.

SLSC events are not held under Swim England law, so you don’t need to join SLOW to swim in our Sunday morning races or at our galas.

Brighton Pier to Pier is an example of events under Swim England law.