Sunday morning races

The South London Swimming Club’s Sunday race schedule is split into seasons. For each season there are some races where there are individual cups and as well as an overall points trophy. These are inclusive races for all ages and abilities as the majority of the races are handicapped. The races are held at 9.30am every Sunday morning and on bank holidays, including Christmas and New Year.

Entrance to these races is open to all paid up SLSC members and is free. In order that the handicappers can estimate a fair handicap for all swimmers, swimmers must have participated in at least three races before they become eligible to win a cup. To be eligible to win the Christmas and New Year cup(s) you must have swum in three of the autumn races.

The shorter races (in autumn, winter and spring) are all held as open handicap races, where the swimmers start at their allotted handicap time. The races are one or two widths in length, first to the finish wins!

The summer season starts with 100 yard races (one length) and increase in length up to a mile and then decrease again back down to 100 yards toward the end of the season. The shorter races in the summer are also held as open handicaps. The longer races from 300 yards (three lengths) up to a mile (17.6 lengths) are swum as closed handicaps. Everyone starts together, swim times are taken, then the handicap is added onto the swim time to ascertain the winner. To be eligible to win summer season cups you must have swum in at least four races within the last 12 months.

Twice a year in summer and autumn Scratch Relays are held on a Sunday morning. These are fun races and a great opportunity to mix with fellow swimmers. Teams are chosen at random from whoever turns up and the winners get a box of chocolate Celebrations!

Click on the 2018 fixture list for a full list of Sunday morning races.

Members’ race times for some of the races can be seen on these links:

500 yards (5 lengths) times

800 yards (8 lengths) times

1000 yards (10 lengths) times

Mile Times

300 yards Breaststroke

Plunging distances

Other notable times:

River Swim Results and River Swim times

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