Swimderella Re-Ducks

Unseen footage

Sunday 5 January 2020

Lido Pavilion,


Long ago in Pantoland
The Lido crew got out of hand
They thought they’d recreate their pool
In a church hall, behind a school
And stage a show with dance and song
For what could possibly go wrong
With ducks and bears upon a stage
And Dames and villains in a rage
And Swimderella chasing Dan
And Dive-in Belles upon dry land?
They hired some lights and learned their lines
And like a dream it all went fine
The audience it clapped and cheered
Each time the characters appeared
And arty folk with cameras three
captured it for posterity
But what has happened? Have we found
Not all that film was shared around?
It’s true! There’s footage yet unknown
And now it’s ready to be shown
So why not meet in January
And help refresh your memory
Of those carefree pre-Brexit days
When we were young and put on plays?
We’ll be in the Pavilion
At three o’clock, so come along
On Sunday: that’s the fifth of Jan
-uary which is when we plan
To show the film of Swimderella
And how she hooked her Charming fella
You must be there - it’s your good luck
To watch Swimderella Re-Ducks!
(And if you bring a cake or three
We’ll even add a cup of tea).

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