The Library

You are cordially invited to an evening of Musical Entertainments:

Saturday evening, 7 April 8 - 10pm at the Lido Pavilion

Arrive Promptly for Admission

Visitors are kindly reminded:

• Upon entrance to the ‘Library’ complete Silence will be Observed.
• Patrons may provide a yoga mat or similar upon which to sit or lie.
• Listeners may relax, close their eyes and entirely ignore performers.
• No Applause will be required between songs.
• Movement/dance though not encouraged is acceptable.

Intervals for social intercourse, biscuits and beverages will be indicated, mid-way and at the culmination of entertainments.

‘The Library’ affords listeners the freedom not to talk, opening a space for genuine Listening.

‘The Library’ affords performers a space for presentations of uncompromised subtlety.

This event was hugely popular, if difficult to describe. If you missed it, we hope to being you more in the future.