Rules and guidance for all competitors


All swimmers must register at Registration at Tooting Bec Lido on the morning of the competition (Saturday 26 January 2019). Individual swimmers can register any time from 8am, relay teams can register from midday. All swimmers MUST register no later than ONE HOUR PRIOR TO THEIR SCHEDULED SWIM TIME. Failure to register on time will result in disqualification. Please allow plenty of time to arrive and register.

Upon registration, each swimmer will be provided with a race card and instructions. The card will have the time that the swimmer should assemble to be briefed and it will show the race time. Swimmers should keep the card with them at all times. Any swimmers assembling late will not be allowed to swim.

All swimmers start in the water. Diving into the water is not permitted. At the start, shoulders must be under the water, one hand on the rail.

In the head-up breaststroke race you must ensure that your eyes do not go below the water level at any time during the race. Infringement of this rule will incur a 5 second penalty.

In the 90m Freestyle tumble turns are NOT allowed. Infringement of this rule will incur a 5 second penalty.

False starts will not be recalled but will incur a 5 second penalty. Blatant false starts will be disqualified.

Relay teams must consist of four people and must be mixed (at least one man and one woman). The team captain name is required for entry and other members’ names and DOBs can be confirmed by 7 January 2019.

For the change-over in the relays the outgoing swimmer must hold the rail until the incoming swimmer has touched.

Nobody may swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

No performance enhancing drugs can be used by competitors, nor internal or external substances that preserve or increase body heat.

Swimsuits must be appropriate and non-transparent. Topless swimming or swimming without a swimsuit is not permitted. Swimsuits may not go beyond the top of the knee or past the shoulder (i.e. they must not have legs or sleeves) and cannot provide the swimmer with thermal protection or buoyancy. No thermal socks or gloves.
No wetsuits.

Swimmers may not use any device or material, which is designed to improve performance. This includes, without limitation, hand-paddles, snorkels, fins or floatation devices.

Swimmers must wear something on their head; either a swimming cap or a woollen hat or other warm hat.

The organiser’s decision on whether or not a swimmer is attired appropriately will be final.

Participants in all events must be 10 years or over on the day of the competition.