Swimming achievements 2017

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Traditional rules: swimming costume, hat and goggles, no aids

English Channel 21 mile England to France


  • Katherine Chapman - 12 hours 14mins, 13 July


  • A New Dawn Is Rising - 11hrs 26mins, 7 April
    Pip Barry and friends

  • Last of the Summer Waves - 15hrs 17mins, 9 July
    Ellery McGowan and friends

  • TSCM Does the Channel - 13hrs 7mins, 9 October
    Sue Croft and friends

  • Beauty and the Beasts - 13hrs 36mins, 26 October
    Mandy Worsley, Emma Watson and Pip Barry

Straits of Gibraltar solo 9 miles from Europe to Africa

  • Ed Horne and Michael Fabray - 3hrs 36 mins, 26 June, water temp ??℃